About the Author

Check out ballsofrice.wordpress.com/tocallthemtowander for a free digital download of To Call Them To Wander.

Balls of Rice is a model example of a forum that highlights the faults of the current age: amateur photography and amateur writing presented as if it were legitimate and important, but subconsciously knowing its insignificance and unoriginality in a digital sea of mediocre expression. Balls of Rice includes attempts at creating something attractive in the extremely uninteresting occurrences of routine.

Nicholas Olson is an uneducated, unshaven, possibly alcoholic writer who wrote his first book on a dare and finished it out of spite. Olson has been hailed as "The Scientific Community's Answer to Brett Lindros" and "A Safe Bet to Be Beaten in His Bid for Re-Election for the Wascana, Saskatchewan Electoral District in 2052". Olson is rated about an 8 out of 10 in most small cities, but probably only a 6.5 in New York City. Casually sympathetic to Quebecois separatism, he shows his support by wearing shirts for weeks at a time. Olson found his love for reading and writing by accident, but maintains that he has been reading cereal boxes his entire life. He cites the invention of the Internet, the computer shortcuts of Copy and Paste, and penis jokes as the major influences in his writing. Olson grew up comfortably in southern prairie towns of Saskatchewan but was rescued from the clutches of his loving parents into a life of grime and shadows where he currently lives on the floors and couches of slightly more attractive but slightly less self-righteous people around the world.